A splash of colour

May 4 2018, 2 09 pm

Updated Sep 1 2020, 10 47 am

Our design- and development teams work closely with colour on a daily basis as finding the right shades for a project is integral to good design. Every single one of us read what’s around us in colours, which is why we’ve gone the extra mile to understand the importance of colour and the emotional responses they are associated with. For example, green shades are often associated with abundance and freshness, whereas warmer reds are often synonymous with love and danger. Our designers use this knowledge together with our client partners’ specifications to create a design that tells the right story.

We‘ve recently launched five versatile yarn shade cards that enables us to complement the colour palette and messages of virtually any project. The yarn shade cards are stock supported and have been launched to accelerate the development of new samples for our client partners. Our versatile base palette of classic and neutral shades is supplemented by brights that can be subtly or more boldly incorporated, thus achieving a wide variety of pattern and texture across all of our yarn counts. Our yarns are consistently popular with clients looking to add a splash of colour to their projects. The shade cards also function as a tool for our clients’ designers to unleash their creativity and come up with a bespoke solution away from the “standards”.
The Replin by Hainsworth design team will be happy to offer advice on how best to achieve the desired outcome for each individual project.