Rail Fabrics

• Passenger and Staff Seating Fabrics
• Sleeping Cubicle Fabrics
• Curtain Fabrics
• Blind Fabrics
• Vertical Surface Fabrics (suitable for wall panels, partitions and ceilings)

Service Life Benefits

Replin supply flat cloth fabrics that improve the Life Cycle Cost of the vehicles with lower maintenance and improved service life. Benefits to the operator include:

Reduced Cleaning Lower cost and quicker vehicle turnaround.
Reduced Maintenance – through improved material life.
Weight Reduction – marked reductions in weight of 30%+ per sq m in comparison to existing seating materials, resulting in a lower demand on energy.
Improved Resistance to Wear – extended life and a marked improvement in aesthetic appearance throughout the service period of the vehicle.
Faster Turnaround Times
Improved Fleet Utilisation
Dimensional Stability – improved dimensional stability of the material is critical to the appearance of the seat.

When the service life of products is extended, this allows the vehicle to remain in service over an extended period, reducing vehicle operation and maintenance costs.

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