Replin by Hainsworth explores calming colourways with Sanguine

Feb 8 2021, 10 33 am

Updated Feb 8 2021, 10 34 am

Replin by Hainsworth have released a new range of thoughtful colourways, the Sanguine Collection. Inspired by the emotional effect that colour can produce, the collection consists of four ranges of trend-led fabrics for transport interiors. Consisting of optimising harmonising patterns and soft weaves, Sanguine is designed to help customers travel in comfort and style.

“The four colour collections that make up Sanguine have been carefully considered to evoke a feeling of calm and positivity in the aircraft cabin or railway carriage,” explains Designer Patsy Gemmell. “For us, Sanguine is an exploration of colour and pattern, a chance to showcase our capabilities and experiment with new ones.

“In designing Sanguine we’ve also paid close attention to industry trends and incorporated them into the fabrics. For example, we’ve observed that the use of bouclé yarn is currently very popular, and we’ve been sure to include an option that features them in each of the four collections.”

Each colour collection has been designed to create pleasing harmonies of colour and comfortable textures, to each suggest a different sense of calm:

  • New Horizons consists of warm oranges with contrasting blues and teals, designed to evoke the sunrise.
  • Woven Earth is inspired by the natural world, with colourways including earthy greens and cool browns.
  • Beyond the Sea is made up of deep blues and greys, suggesting the open ocean and sky.
  • Rosy Futures’ complementing purple and blush shades bring a sense of opulence and luxury to the transport environment.


New Horizons
Woven Earth
Beyond the Sea
Rosy Futures

See the full Sanguine Collection here.