Replin by Hainsworth release the Steadfast Collection for sustainable travel

Feb 1 2021, 10 56 am

Updated Feb 1 2021, 10 56 am

Replin by Hainsworth have released their latest collection of fabrics for transport interiors, the Steadfast Collection. The collection is an exploration of new sustainable processes in the manufacture of high-quality durable fabrics. Replin Design and Development Manager Patsy Gemmell discusses how Steadfast came to be.

“There is a growing requirement for sustainability in the transport industry, but with such tight standards around flame retardancy and smoke resistance it poses a real challenge to manufacturers.

“Instead of sacrificing the raw materials that make Replin fabrics so durable, when developing Steadfast we looked at which elements of production could be improved and made more environmentally friendly. By focusing on making the manufacturing process itself more sustainable, we don’t have to worry about compromising the safety of the finished cloth.

“The approach we decided to take was exploring the use of undyed natural fibres. By using the natural shades of sheep, alpaca and hemp in these fabrics, we’ve eliminated the transportation, water and waste effluence that is usually created by the dyeing process.

“We’re excited to be including hemp fibres in a Replin collection for the first time. Hemp is an attractive prospect for manufacturers trying to be more sustainable, as it’s easy to grow, uses little water, and doesn’t rely on pesticides. Its hardwearing properties also make it ideal for high-contact fabrics like seating.

“Alpaca is another new material that we’ve been exploring. Alpaca fleece is popular for its luxurious finish, which is even softer than sheep’s wool. It also gives us a greater variety of shades to work with than we could get from just using sheep. Undyed alpaca comes in a range of fine greys as well as browns and creams.

“Within the collection we’ve created three fabric ranges that showcase what natural fibres can do, with a wide variety of textures and patterns. The fabrics in all three retain the high durability, soft textures and sophisticated appearance that Replin fabrics are known for.

Eclipse Steadfast

“For the first, we took our highly durable renowned WNN fabrics and examined how we could incorporate natural fibres into the weave. The result, WNN Nature, is a selection of six warm inviting colourways made from a combination of strong aramid fibres with an undyed wool surface.

“Our Steadfast Seating range incorporates a mixture of undyed hemp fibres with sheep and alpaca wool. These fabrics are designed with subtle textures and soft, comfortable finishes, creating fabrics that don’t compromise on durability or appearance.

“In the Eclipse Steadfast range our popular vertical surface textiles are re-worked to incorporate undyed alpaca fibres in a variety of patterns. From soft flannel-style finishes that recall AW Hainsworth’s historic wool garments, to bold yet sophisticated geometric designs, the collection has been designed to be customisable to the unique requirements of the customer.”

A showcase for Replin by Hainsworth’s innovative approach to design, the Steadfast Collection is high-performing, conscientious, and stylish, perfectly suited to the twenty-first century traveller.

See the full Steadfast Collection here.