Replin Fabric Anti-Viral (RFAV)

Replin Fabric Anti-Viral (RFAV) is a silver-chloride-based anti-viral treatment that halts the spread of harmful microorganisms in textiles. This innovative fabric treatment from Replin by Hainsworth protects textiles from the transmission of harmful bacteria and enveloped viruses – ideal for use on textiles in transport interiors.

Time-tested performance

Silver has been renowned for its anti-microbial properties for thousands of years, and has been used as a preservative since the time of the Ancient Greeks. RFAV takes these anti-microbial properties and mounts them on a series of highly sophisticated microstructures to strengthen its protective qualities even further. When applied to Replin by Hainsworth textiles, this impairs the growth and spread of viral microbes.

On contact with harmful microorganisms, RFAV blocks the spread of oxygen-transporting enzymes, crushes disulphide bonds to impair their growth, and locks the cell membrane to rupture the surface of the organism. This all works to prevent germs from growing within the fabric and being transmitted to living beings.

In addition to protecting against viral spread RFAV also shields fabrics against odour-causing bacteria, keeping them both hygienic and fresh and helping to keep the transport interior a comfortable and relaxing environment for your passengers.

The microstructures in RFAV trigger powerful antiviral effects that block oxygen-transporting enzymes, impairing the spread and transmission of viruses

Protection for the new world

In recent years, our approach to short- and long-distance travel has changed dramatically. We have introduced RFAV to the market with this new world of transport in mind. RFAV has been assessed against a range of viruses in accordance with ISO 18184:2019. Upon testing it was found that RFAV is immediately effective against viral transmission, making it the ideal protective treatment to help keep the modern traveller feeling safe in their journey.

RFAV is suitable to be applied to any Replin by Hainsworth fabric, used across applications such as passenger and pilot seating, vertical surfaces (including bulkheads, foot rests, sidewalls, partitions, and shrouds for seating pods), curtains and crew rest areas.

Safety on every level

RFAV has been demonstrated to be non-migrating and is only active when present in or on the treated textile, leaving your passengers confident in their safety.

At Replin by Hainsworth we are committed to continuously improving and assessing our impact on the environment (find out more here). RFAV has been developed and tested to deactivate and become insoluble in wastewater treatment plants, vastly decreasing the risk of water contamination.

As with all Replin by Hainsworth products, RFAV meets all applicable standards, certifications, and listings, including:

  • Bluesign approved
  • BfR-registration card No. 6546712
  • EPA-registration No. 84189-2
  • Registered according to the European biocide product regulation in Germany: N-71727

Replin Fabric Anti-Viral treatment:

  • Infused with the naturally anti-microbial properties of silver
  • Activates on contact with harmful microorganisms to rupture their bonds and prevent them from spreading
  • Blocks germs from growing within fabric, stopping the spread of viruses to human beings
  • Assessed against a range of viruses (in accordance with ISO 18184:2019)
  • Non-migrating, with no risk of transferring onto other materials
  • Designed to deactivate and become insoluble in water, decreasing the risk of contamination
  • Bluesign approved
  • Can be applied to all Replin by Hainsworth fabrics, without affecting appearance or feel of the textile

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