Replin Fabric Protection System (RFPS)

Replin Fabric Protection System (RFPS), a Hainsworth Technology is a revolutionary anti-stain treatment designed to prolong the lifetime of Replin by Hainsworth’s Pilot and Passenger Seating fabrics, Vertical Surface and Curtain fabrics and Crew Rest Area solutions. 

When treated with RFPS, fabrics are protected from liquid spillages, both oil and water based. Liquids ‘bead up’ on the surface of the fabric and can be wiped off quickly and easily without leaving a mark or stain. When added to the fabric, RFPS can reduce the requirement for dry cleaning by up to 90%, benefiting the airline with significant cost savings per annum.

With many airlines cleaning covers up to once a month, the cost of cleaning over a year can be considerable (anything between $30-$70 per seat per annum, depending on frequency of cleaning).

Fabric without RFPS treatment
Fabric with RFPS treatment

Additional benefits of RFPS include:

• Reduced down time of aircraft
• Reduced maintenance costs
• Increased life of seat cover
• Colourless and odourless
• Invisible on surface of fabric
• Repels oil and water based contaminant
• Easy roll off of liquid or ‘bead up’ on surface
• Dry clean compatible

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