Statement – Departure of Tom Hainsworth from the Executive Team of AW Hainsworth

Aug 3 2021, 12 05 pm

Updated Jun 6 2022, 3 32 pm

The Board of Directors and the Family Council of AW Hainsworth wish to announce that our Divisional Director – Mr Tom Hainsworth – has made the decision to exit the Executive Team, in order to focus on an overseeing role within the Family Council, where he holds a major shareholding position.  Tom leaves his position on excellent terms and will be active on remaining handover duties until the end of October 2021.

During the last three months, Tom has been preparing for this decision and therefore working very closely with our recently appointed Managing Director Amanda McLaren, passing down Business knowledge and introducing her to key Industry contacts and stakeholders alike.  This structured handover process is set to continue over the next few weeks, which will allow Amanda and other members of the Executive Team to further draw down on the deep knowledge, expertise, network contacts and management responsibilities which Tom holds.  Of course, Tom will remain at the centre of the Family Council’s activities and engagement with the Executive Team, therefore allowing ongoing access to Tom’s knowledge and expertise for many years’ ahead.

Many of you will know that Tom joined the Business in 1992, to support the development of the companies Quality Systems.   Tom’s journey over the years’ that followed, saw him excel, moving from quality systems management to product management, eventually taking him to his appointment as General Manager and subsequently Managing Director back in 2001.  Since his step down from this position in 2015, Tom has led the Protectives and Transport Interiors Divisions with a passion for Innovation, Design and Technology; an area which is very close to his natural interests and one which has helped establish a network of experts and influencers.  This in turn has provided the Business with a strong Brand presence in these Sectors and a sustainable platform to build upon in the future.

Tom’s liaison skills and passion for AW Hainsworth have been at the centre of everything he has achieved over the years, the most notable putting the building blocks in place for:

  • An apprenticeship pathway for future generations entering the business.
  • A clear unique distinctive brand built on the fantastic heritage of A W Hainsworth.
  • An innovative culture with the team creating world class leading products in a diverse range of textile markets.

Over the period of time that Tom acted as Managing Director, he also oversaw a range of internal investment strategies which included:

  • The restructuring of the Business consolidating back into the Company’s core textile products.
  • An ongoing re-investment program in Buildings, Plant and Machinery including during his tenure, new Blending, Warping, Weaving and Dyeing & Finishing plant.
  • Team building events, giving Colleagues opportunities to get to know each other and appreciate the diverse range of skills and attributes required, to build A W Hainsworth into an even more successful Company.

Tom was also instrumental in establishing the ‘Family Council’ back in 2018, through his engagement in the Institute for Family Businesses. 

Tom remains wholly committed to spending time influencing and developing the Governance structure, which will ensure the Hainsworth family values remain at the core of all activities, serving the Business with structure and vision, for many generations’ ahead. 

As a result of Tom’s departure, a reorganisation of the Executive Team is underway, which will see Diane Simpson – a Sales professional with over 34 years’ experience in the Business – step up as Commercial Director.  Tom’s current direct reports – Colin Whittaker and Stuart Allen – will remain in their existing roles, reporting directly into Diane.  As a result of this promotion, Diane will also be active in handover activities from Tom, during the next few weeks.  We wish Diane all the very best in her new role.

In order to help close the remaining gaps on the back of Tom’s exit from his Executive role, the Business will also seek to appoint a new Innovation, Design & Technical Director, charged with managing the broad portfolio of products which exists today, as well as developing new products for the future.  We are wholly committed to setting high standards in our field and are eager to technically enhance our portfolio, with new and exciting fabric solutions.  

Finally, on behalf of the Family, Directors and Employees, we offer our most sincere gratitude to Tom for the significant role he has played in the Company’s journey over the last 29 years.  He has delivered results with professionalism, commitment and essentially respect, to the amazing heritage which exists within AW Hainsworth.  We wish Tom all the very best for a happy, healthy and fulfilled future.