Bringing Scottish heritage to life for the Caledonian Sleeper

In 2016, Replin by Hainsworth were approached by rolling stock manufacturers CAF to design and develop a vertical surface for the carriage interiors of the Caledonian Sleeper. The brief was to create a fabric inspired by traditional tweed, echoing the proud Scottish heritage of the iconic train. The fabric also had to be highly durable and meet all safety standards while remaining comfortable to the touch.

In response to this we created a custom Eclipse fabric in a subtle tweed pattern, using neutral warm colours to echo the traditional cloth and create a welcoming environment for the passenger – perfect for enabling a good night’s sleep on the overnight journey. Our Eclipse fabrics are designed to be tactile and soft to the touch in addition to their hardwearing qualities, ideal for high-contact applications that still delight the passenger.

We were also asked to create a plain fabric for vertical surfaces to coordinate with the tweed-patterned textile. In response, we provided a second Eclipse fabric in a warm orange shade to harmonise with the more attention-grabbing tweed Eclipse. Both fabrics are treated with our RFPS protective finish, ensuring the longevity of the textile and saving on maintenance costs for the client.

As a business with a long heritage in Scotland, and a history of providing fabrics to sleeper trains including the Orient Express, we at Replin are thrilled that our fabric is featured on this iconic Scottish transport.