Replin by Hainsworth works in long-term partnership with clients, collaboratively designing and manufacturing fabrics whose high levels of quality is built from solid foundations such as yarn selection, the latest machinery, experienced craftsmanship, innovation and complete control of the production process under one roof at its site in West Yorkshire, England.

This control at all stages of the production process allows us to carry out rigorous testing within our UKAS accredited lab to ensure at every step our fabric is maintaining the consistency in terms of quality and adherence to standards demanded by our clients.

UKAS accreditation

Quality at Replin by Hainsworth applies not just to the manufacture and design of the fabric but also to the service we offer our client partners at all stages from initial enquires, design brief, delivery on time and after sales support.

We are constantly reviewing all aspects of our production process, for example; analysing best the working practices, checking procedures, employee training, fibre selection, purchasing new machinery and technological innovation.

These and many other factors contribute to the delivery of greater value and benefits to our client partners long after initially less expensive options within the marketplace have ceased to be suitable for service.

Further Information

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