Your design journey

Just as no two of our designs are the same, every customer is different. Successful design is highly dependent on the tastes and requirements of each customer and brand. At Replin, we tailor the customer experience to your needs, ensuring the way we work suits you perfectly. With every step of the design, manufacturing, testing and distribution processes carried out in-house, we are perfectly positioned to ensure a streamlined and successful customer journey.


Getting started

Every Replin project begins with a brief – and there is no right or wrong way to do it. Any information you can give is enough to provide us with a starting point, whether it’s a detailed multi-page document or a single sentence. However you want to reach out to us, we are ready to start realising your vision.

We also recognise that your requirements may evolve and change from the initial brief over the course of the project, and are always available to discuss any amendments that need to be made.

Discussing your design

Replin can meet you wherever, whenever you want. We are always happy to travel and meet with you in person, but if this is not available to you then we can hold all discussions remotely – whether through video calls or solely communicating via email. It’s our job to deliver your product, and to fulfil this in a way that works for you.

During initial meetings for each project, we discuss in further detail the requirements outlined in your brief and how we can provide a solution. If you’re a new customer, this is also where we discuss the philosophy and unique characteristics of your brand and how we can bring them to life through our fabric.

We come away from these meetings with enough information for us to begin working on your design. You can sit back at this stage – the next steps are in our hands.

Textile samples

Once we have determined your specific requirements, we get to work on producing woven samples. At Replin we are firm believers in the advantages of fabric samples over 2D or 3D visualisation. While software renderings have their uses for other products, our customers can only understand the fine details, the feel, and the specific colours used in our designs through handling the fabric itself. Fabric should be experienced through touch, which is why we provide multiple designs throughout the duration of the project.

Based on your brief and our initial discussions with you, we create a range of samples and send them to you so you can understand how the fabric will appear in person, choose the design elements that you like and request any changes. We then create another range based on your feedback, and this process continues until you are completely satisfied with the design. As at every stage of the project, we remain open to your feedback and any further needs you may have throughout the sampling process.

In addition to custom-designed samples we can also provide you with examples of our yarns for colour inspiration, as well as fabrics that we have designed previously that are similar to your brief, in order to assist you in making a decision.

When we have created a design that ticks all your boxes, we then move on to creating the full fabric lengths.


All our fabric qualities have been tested and proven to exceed international safety standards for aviation and rail, including tensile strength, Martindale abrasion, flame retardancy, pilling, and colourfastness. However, we are happy to carry out any further tests that you may require on your fabric samples to ensure they perform across every market. Our experienced technicians are able to carry out a range of tests in our UKAS accredited state-of-the-art laboratory. Read more about our lab here.


When your design is signed off and any further testing completed, it’s time to start producing your fabric. There are many steps on the journey from raw fibre to finished cloth, but at Replin we have the centuries of knowledge, capabilities and the latest machinery to carry out this process all under one roof.

From fibre selection to warping and weaving, from dyeing to chemical finishing, no detail is overlooked at any stage of production. We remain in constant communication with you throughout the process, letting you know what stage your fabric is at on its production journey.

When your fabric has passed through conversion, where the sharp eyes of our team complete the finishing touches, it is ready to make its way to you.


With the manufacturing and finishing processes complete, it is time for your fabric to be shipped. We deliver Replin fabrics to anywhere in the world, and our warehouse team are here to make sure your product is securely packaged and shipped safely. We are contactable and actively communicative throughout distribution and delivery, providing regular and timely updates on the status of your shipment.

Customer support

Our job is not complete even when you receive your fabric. We provide full instructions to help you care for and maintain your fabrics and keep them in pristine condition, and our technical team are available to provide any further information. We also remain fully open to any feedback after the project has completed, and encourage you to get in touch with any issues or queries you have relating to your product.

Further Information

For further information, please call our sales team who are trained to listen to your requirements; ask the right questions and provide solutions to suit both your expectations and budget.

+44 (0)113 257 0391

Alternatively use our contact form to send an email.