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Nov 22 2023, 3 21 pm

Updated Nov 22 2023, 3 21 pm

What makes a flight relaxing? Maybe it’s an in-flight entertainment system stocked with the latest films and TV shows, perfect to get lost in. Or perhaps it’s a friendly cabin crew, always there to help with any request and serve delicious food and drinks. But in the end, what truly helps passengers unwind is knowing that the aircraft cabin has been designed with their comfort in mind.

We all know that flying can be a stressful experience, especially in these times. Many airlines have reported increased incidents of ‘air rage’ onboard, with reported cases in the UK tripling between 2019 and 2022. That’s why airlines need to do everything they can to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable journey for passengers – making them more likely to fly with you in the future too.

From thoughtful seating arrangements that maximise legroom, to warm jetlag-reducing lighting, there are countless ways to create a relaxing atmosphere in a cabin. But did you know that swapping out laminate vertical surfaces for wool fabric upholstery can make the world of difference?

Eclipse fabric used in AliceBlu seat shroud

Comfort and style

Imagine you’re sat in first class for a 12-hour flight, in a seat with a surrounding shroud for privacy. Which feels more soothing: a hard, shiny laminate shroud or one made of soft, natural wool? You can call us biased, but we’d choose wool every time.

Whether it’s for seat shrouds, partition walls, bulkheads or foot rest areas, wool feels more comfortable, luxurious and inviting – and looks it, too. Instead of a sterile impersonal environment, wool vertical surfaces make passengers feel like they could be in their own cosy living room.

With Replin, wool vertical surfaces are also just as customisable as laminates. Our Eclipse vertical surface fabrics can be woven with unique patterns and colours to match your brand’s personality. Our WNN vertical surface fabrics meanwhile come in a wide range of colours and can be made in custom shades.

Natural soundproofing

Aircraft cabins are noisy places to be – not good news for anyone wanting a peaceful journey. The constant roar of the engines, not to mention disruption from fellow passengers, can make relaxation extremely difficult.
This is where wool vertical surfaces make the difference. Wool is a natural soundproofing material, absorbing sound waves and reducing noise by up to 55%. Unlike hard surfaces, wool dampens sound and stops it from reverberating (which is why many cinemas use wool in their screening rooms).

Wool vertical surfaces help to make flights much more serene – and they reduce sound even if you use them in places that aren’t visible, like kick strips and stowage. For passengers who just want to unwind, wool’s acoustic powers keep the noise down and the peace up – helping everyone to have a happy journey.

Replin Eclipse fabrics on Virgin Atlantic A330neo cabin

Durable and safe

You might think that laminate surfaces are more durable and hygienic than fabric. This is true for many vertical surface fabrics on the market – but not Replin.

Our wool vertical surface fabrics are crafted with flame-retardant Nomex fibres, surpassing all international safety standards and made to last. Our WNN fabric is so tightly woven that dirt doesn’t even get a chance to settle, making it a game-changer for high-traffic areas like aircraft cabins.

Our Eclipse vertical surface fabrics are lightweight yet super resilient, offering outstanding technical performance. Eclipse can also be treated with our revolutionary Replin Fabric Protection System (RFPS) which repels stains and extends the fabric’s life.

Whether it’s for aesthetics, acoustics or practicality, wool vertical surfaces are the way to go for a comfortable journey.

Red Eclipse fabric on South African Airways seat shroud

Replin vertical surface fabrics for aviation

WNN is the industry standard for aviation vertical surface applications. WNN fabrics are lightweight, tightly woven and highly durable, with a luxurious appearance and soft finish thanks to the natural lustre of wool. WNN fabrics are highly resistant to abrasion, reducing maintenance costs and prolonging the lifetime of the product. WNN can be customised to suit any design brief with a choice of colours to suit the requirements of our clients.

Eclipse is a range of design-led premium fabrics for aviation vertical surfaces. Eclipse fabrics combine an outstanding technical performance with a luxurious appearance. Eclipse fabrics are fully customisable, and our designers will work with you to develop bespoke patterns and colour options to fit your brand needs. Eclipse vertical surface fabrics also have the option of adding RFPS, a revolutionary anti-stain finish that causes liquids to bead up on the surface.

Our vertical surface fabrics can be used for:

• Shrouds in seating pods
• Sidewalls
• Partitions
• Bulkheads
• Stowage
• Class dividers
• Foot rest areas
• Kick strips

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