Replin Fabric Protection System (RFPS)

Sep 29 2022, 3 48 pm

Updated Nov 22 2023, 2 44 pm

Premium fabric quality for even longer

Replin Fabric Protection System (RFPS) is a revolutionary anti-stain treatment designed to prolong the lifetime of transport interior textiles. When applied to any of Replin by Hainsworth fabric, RFPS activates to protect the textile from liquid spillages and prevent stains from forming. Completely colourless and free from odour, fabrics treated with RFPS do not undergo any change in appearance or texture.
Used in the cabin and carriage interiors of leading airlines and rail companies around the world, RFPS is the ultimate solution to ensure Replin fabrics retain their premium quality for even longer.

Effective against oil and water

Unlike the majority of modern stain resistant technologies – which only repel water-based substances – RFPS contains technical properties that protect against oils. This ‘oleophobic’ quality means that RFPS repels the greasy stains formed by oil-based substances – such as food items and cosmetics – that can be much more difficult to remove.

Immediately upon contact with an RFPS-treated fabric, liquids ‘bead’ up on the surface instead of soaking into the cloth. This spill then runs off the fabric or can be wiped off quickly and easily without leaving behind any residue or a stain. This ground-breaking feature makes RFPS the ideal fabric treatment for high-contact surfaces in passenger transport, such as seating and vertical surfaces.

Keeping protection high and costs low

The price of keeping your transport interior clean can come at a substantial cost. In the aviation industry, the cost of dry-cleaning a single plane seat cover comes at between $30-$70 per year, meaning that the fee for keeping an entire fleet of 200-seater planes cleaning mounts up considerably.

However, when RFPS treatment is applied to a fabric the requirement for dry-cleaning goes down by 60%, creating significant yearly cost savings for the aviation and rail companies. Users can also be reassured that RFPS is fully dry-clean compatible, so when your fabrics are removed for a more thorough cleaning the performance of the treatment will not be compromised.

The treatment also provides significant benefits on fabrics that cannot easily be removed for cleaning, such as wall panels or seat covers on railways. Thanks to RFPS, they can be spot-cleaned more easily, helping the transport interior to stay clean for longer.

And with cleaning made simpler, downtime of aircraft and rail carriages is reduced, allowing you to continue to serve your passengers for longer periods of time.

RFPS can be applied to all Replin by Hainsworth fabrics for aviation and rail, in applications including Pilot and Passenger Seating, Vertical Surfaces, Curtains, and Crew Rest Areas.

Replin Fabric Protection System:
• Repels both water- and oil-based contaminants, preventing difficult stains from forming
• Causes liquid to ‘bead up’ on the fabric surface, allowing it to run off or be wiped up easily
• Colourless and odourless, and invisible on fabric surface – keeping your textiles looking pristine
• Prolongs fabric hygiene, saving maintenance costs and reducing transport downtime
• Dry-clean compatible with no reduction in performance