South African Airways & PriestmanGoode use custom designed Eclipse Fabric

Mar 30 2017, 10 41 am

Updated May 4 2018, 2 51 pm

When South African Airways (SAA) decided to lease a fleet of five Airbus A330-300s, it was seen as an opportunity to introduce a new cabin configuration at the same time says Luke Hawes, Director at PriestmanGoode.

The PriestmanGoode design team immersed themselves in South African culture working to develop a colour palette based on the dark anthracite of contemporary architecture and cityscapes, saturated golden tones of winter sun and earthen landscapes. Highlight colours such as burnt reds and blues were taken from African design and craft sources.

Business class has 46 customised lie-flat seats in a staggered 1-2-1 configuration that offers a combination of privacy and direct aisle access.

A custom ‘burnt red’ Eclipse fabric was created by Replin’s design team led by Patsy Gemmell especially for SAA. This custom fabric was chosen to be used on the inside of the seat shells, and other areas of the Business Class seat, such as the personal stowage shroud which was designed to create a distinct look for SAA.

(Photographs courtesy of PriestmanGoode and South African Airways)